An eco-friendly building

With 16,700 m² of floor space, the new administrative headquarters of Brussels Environment is also one of the largest office and activity buildings to meet the passive standard in Europe.

  • Exemplary environmental and energy performance  
  • One of Europe’s largest passive buildings (16,750 m²)
  • A carbon balance for its construction of 273 kg CO2 per m² (only just over half the emissions of a typical concrete building)

  • Energy performance
  • Advanced insulation and good airtightness
  • Approximately 8,600 m² of insulation in the walls and roof
  • A saving of more than 241,000 euros per year compared to the previous buildings


Other "green build"aspects

Most of the materials used in our building are of local origin. They were manufactured in Belgium from local raw materials. Products that are not available in Belgium come from neighbouring countries.

In addition, preference has been given to products carrying an eco-label:

  • Paint: European Ecolabel, Blauer Engel, Natureplus, Milieukeur, NF Environnement
  • Insulation: Natureplus
  • Floor coverings: Natureplus, European Ecolabel, GUT
  • Timber: PEFC, FSC