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Your eco-responsible event

Book a room in one of Europe's largest passive buildings.

Rent a room at BEL,

This allows you to book a room in the heart of Brussels, on the Tour&Taxis site. The BEL is easily accessible via many public transport systems including trains, trams, buses and metro. Given its ideal location, visitors can also enjoy all of the facilities that the Tour&Taxis site has to offer as well as the numerous activities and events that bring this constantly evolving venue to life.

The advantages of the BEL

An 415-seat auditorium with natural light (if desired)
A building with very high energy efficiency
Unique features: sustainable, attractive, urban, modern, brightly lit...
Sophisticated technology and innovative furnishings
Competitive conditions for non-profit organisations and other partners
An organic and ethical event caterer on site
Positioned right in the city centre
A wide range of facilities on the Tour & Taxis site.
With 16,700 m² of floor space, the new administrative headquarters of Brussels Environment is also one of the largest office and activity buildings to meet the passive standard in Europe.
Near other facilities offering potential synergies: temporary and permanent exhibitions, restaurant/meeting area, environment information centre

Take a walk around BEL

[Background] (Various landmarks such as the Cinquantenaire (a large, urban public park), Le Botanique (a cultural and music venue), the city centre and canal, and last, but not least, the Tour&Taxis site and, of course, the BEL, create an illuminated path across Brussels).
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BEL.Brussels the ideal venue for your eco-events 
Located in the centre of Brussels
Passive building 
[Background] (Interior of the building in the atrium)
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[Background] (Interior of the auditorium, focus on the coloured seating)
[Keywords displayed on video] 
415 seats
[Background] (Interior of a translation booth and control room)
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Cutting edge technology
Translation booths 2x2 1x1
[Background] (Back in the auditorium with curtains closing)
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Black-out systems
[Background] (Inside the Sylva room)
[Keywords displayed on video] 
3 break-out rooms
With screens and projectors
Sylva: 50 seats
[Background] (Interior of Aqua and Terra with sliding walls)
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Aqua and Terra, 2x20 or 1x40 seats
[Background] (View of the restaurant and furnishings)
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On-site caterers
Vintage décor
[Background] (View of the restaurant with people having lunch) 
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Sustainable food
100% organic
[Background] (Back in the atrium at the centre)
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Cocktail area
[Background] (Map of the area surrounding the BEL with local transport routes) 
[Text displayed on the video]
Picard stop, bus 14 UZ Brussels - Gare du Nord, Bus 89 Bockstael - Westland Shopping
Armateurs stop, bus 14 UZ Brussels - Gare du Nord, bus 57 Hôpital Militaire - Gare du Nord, bus 88 Heysel - De Brouckère
Gare du Nord
Sainctelette, tram 51 Stadium - Van Haelen
Yser, Metro 2 Simonis - Elizabeth, metro 6 Roi Baudoin - Elizabeth
Ribaucourt, bus de Lijn line 129, 620, 213, 214, 230, 231, 232, 233, 240, 241, 242, 243, 245, 246, 250, 251, 260
Shuttle service
Bike park
[Background] (Back in the atrium where a reception is being held)
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Eco-responsible events
[Background] (Back in the auditorium where a conference is taking place)
[Background] (Back in the atrium where a tour is taking place)
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Customised support
[Background] (Cocktail party in the atrium with band)
[Background] (External view of the overall plan of the building, the lighting sequence begins with beams of light that reappear and regroup to form the BEL logo).
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Twitter: @BelBrussels
Facebook: BelBrussels
LinkedIn: BelBrussels
Email address:
Tour&Taxis website
Avenue du Port 86c, 3002
1000 Brussels, Belgium

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