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Who are we?

Within the Brussels Environment headquarters, BEL is an environmental information and exhibition centre. Its activities are aimed directly at individuals, professionals, non-profit organisations and schools in the Brussels-Capital Region. BEL is an initiative of Brussels Environment, the Regional Environment and Energy Agency.

BEL is the showcase of an open government agency that works to improve the quality of life of the people of Brussels. It is a place for debate, encounter and reflection – a place to discover and learn, but also a place to take action.

The centre is organised around four principles:

For full details about BEL, our exhibitions and the restaurant, you can contact:

Brussels Environment: working for the quality of life of people in Brussels

Brussels Environment has been working for the quality of life of people in Brussels for 25 years!

Since November 2014, the agency has been based in its new eco-building on the Tour & Taxis site. This relocation was undertaken as part of an overall renewal process:

  • Optimising the ecological footprint with an exemplary building.
  • Application of eco-friendly work organisation principles for greater efficiency and convenience.
  • Developing closer ties with the public, in particular by means of an environment information centre as a place of interaction with the public.
  • Integration into a fast-developing eco-district.

This has been more than just a relocation: Brussels Environment has also embarked on a modernisation programme and reviewed its way of working and its relationship with the public, so that together we can meet the major environmental challenges ahead more effectively.

This is a real opportunity not just for Brussels Environment, but for the district and Region too.

If you wish to contact the Brussels Environment Information Centre, please send an email to the Environment Information Service