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A major exhibition on 21st century cities

In May 2018, the ground floor of our building will host a permanent exhibition on the subject of the key environmental issues for cities in the 21st century. It will be designed to be both fun and educational, offering a modern and positive view of these issues, and dealing primarily with the impact of our behaviour and the solutions that can be applied on a daily basis for a sustainable city. 

This exhibition will be designed in collaboration with numerous experts in different fields and with the environmental education department of Brussels Environment. Non-profit environmental education organisations in Brussels are also partners in the project.

The exhibition is aimed primarily at primary and lower secondary pupils, but is sure to be of interest to a wider audience too, such as families and delegates at the conference centre.  

It will be designed to encourage interactivity, in particular through the use of digital technologies, but also by means of sensory activities, role plays and experiments. The exhibition will also feature photos, videos and graphics, and will reflect our agency’s environmental education strategy.

The objective is to provide an educational and interactive experience that is not confined to the visit, but that also includes tools for use beforehand and afterwards, such as:

  • Educational tools to prepare for the visit: suggested activities, teachers’ packs, etc.
  • Ideas on how to initiate action after the visit: tips on carrying out specific projects with the class and within the whole school on some of the environmental issues covered in the exhibition (waste reduction, sustainable food, energy saving, etc.).