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Room hire

Hiring a room at BEL ( success guaranteed

A corporate event, press conference, product launch, reception, symposium, general assembly, conference, congress, seminar, workshop, convention  –  whatever your needs, BEL provides a tailor-made response to help you organise your eco-event. 

A modern, comfortable, stimulating 415-seat auditorium with excellent soundproofing: a vast and light-filled atrium where you can continue discussions after the presentations around a sustainable, healthy and delicious meal - all the ingredients to ensure that your event is a success.

The auditorium

The auditorium is the centrepiece of the BEL. With a surface area of 460m² and a seating capacity of 415, the auditorium is a modern, comfortable, colourful and perfectly soundproofed conference room equipped with cutting edge technology:

  • Audio system with hand-held microphones and headsets;
  • Video system with large screen and HD projector;
  • Desks with video feedback;
  • Translation booths (2 x two seater booths 1 x one seater booth) with 100 translation headsets available;
  • Free and unlimited internet connection throughout the centre (via Urbizone).

You can check the full list of technical equipment (PDF) available at the auditorium. Contact our technical partner, Scenology, for any additional equipment. Scenology has a wide range of audio and video equipment for hire.

Auditorium bookings also include a wide choice of office furniture and supplies (PDF).

We will be on hand to help you on the day of the event. Our teams will support and guide you from start to finish, providing technical assistance and back-up to ensure that all of the basic equipment is functioning properly.

Since the COVID-19 crisis, we have temporarily blocked certain seats in compliance with social distancing measures to keep everyone safe. One out of every two rows and two out of every three seats are out of use (a total of 76 seats are therefore available). Seats that are not available are labelled as such to provide greater clarity for your audience. A hand sanitiser station is also available for your teams and visitors.

The atrium

Located right in the centre, the atrium is the brightest area in the BEL. With huge triple-glazed glass roofs covering the entire building, the atrium is constantly bathed in natural light. Fitted with light-activated shutters, the atrium will automatically cover up its windows if the light becomes too intrusive. LED lighting takes over in the evenings or on rainy days. Our teams can also control the lights and shutters remotely.

The atrium can be adapted to suit your requirements. It is an ideal area for guest receptions and for holding post-presentation discussions over delicious, sustainable and healthy dining options.

Our catering team offers a wide range of sustainable and organic products as well as seasonal fruit and vegetables from local producers. Contact one or more of our caterers to find out the options available for your eco-friendly event. A customised quote is drawn up for every request received.

On the day of the event, the space in the atrium will be allocated to you as shown in this diagram (PDF, FR). You can arrange it as you wish using the equipment available and order everything you need to host your receptions, walking dinners, cocktail parties or networking drinks.

With some exceptions (see price list), the rental of the atrium is FREE OF CHARGE when you hire the auditorium.

Please note that the atrium, once equipped with the catering, cannot hold more than 300 people.

Rooms Aqua - Terra - Sylva

The Aqua, Terra and Sylva rooms are the perfect complement for your event.

The Sylva room is the largest and can accommodate up to 40 people.

The Terra and Aqua rooms can each accommodate 20 people. They are separated by a partition wall that can easily be removed to create one large space for 40 people.

These multi-purpose rooms are fitted with a projector and screen. They are also very light because of the triple-glazed windows. The Aqua, Terra and Sylva Rooms are ideal for hosting your meetings and presentations in small to medium-sized groups. They are also suitable for panel discussions and as guest or team lounges.

Please note that the Aqua, Terra and Sylva rooms can only be booked when you hire the auditorium.